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National Nurse Act

On Tuesday March 3rd board members Felice Jordahl and Barbara Buono Kuritz visited House of Representative Madeline Deans office in Glenside Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the visit was to thank Madeline Dean for co-sponsoring the National Nurse Act of 2019 H.R. 1597.

The intent of the National Nurse Act is to strengthen the influence of the Chief Nurse Officer to address public health initiatives with emphasis on being a leading voice for public health and to encourage greater involvement of nurses.

We also took this opportunity to introduce our CMSA Mid-Atlantic Chapter and the work that we do to support the development of the profession of case management.

Although Madeline Dean was not in her office, we were able to meet with her aide. Our messages and contact information were forwarded to her.

Contacting and visiting our legislators and supporting bills that affect case management professionals and our patients can influence health policy.

This visit to Representative Dean’s office served to meet our CMSA Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s goal of highlighting our chapter’s mission and the importance of advocating for key legislative issues affecting case management.


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